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Miranda Gavin
Audio / Visual Nature Arts Educator [Freelance]

Miranda Gavin (Freelance), Audio / Visual Nature Arts Facilitator. Miranda Gavin is passionate about the vital and therapeutic role of the arts and creativity as a means of self-expression, and the importance of providing access and community engagement, especially to those who have disabilities. She has travelled extensively

and co-founded a mushroom club for five years with the aim of teaching people about the world of fungi through leading mushroom forays, holding Fungi Festivals, and producing a publication focused on ethnomycology—the cultural uses of fungi.

She has a background in Art and Design and teaches audio and visual arts to autistic young adults. She is passionate about this project as it combines her skills and love of the landscape with disadvantaged people.

Miranda Gavin is an arts educator/curator and arts activist who has set up and co-facilitated a series of creative therapy workshops. She has worked in Peru with kids with special needs including neurodivergent, Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy; and was co-project manager and photography instructor for a London-based participatory photography project. She is adept at creating online and gallery art exhibitions as well as setting up bespoke websites to raise awareness, open dialogue and push for social change. She has delivered a one-day workshop in Folkestone using photography for Positive View’s Youth Empowerment programme,

As a qualified and experienced teacher with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Further Education (PGCE)—specialism in Media and Communication Studies, and a Certificate in English as a Foreign Language, Miranda has taught a diverse range of

students. This includes vulnerable children and adults, refugees and economic migrants, as well as teenagers studying English in the UK. She is also a writer and editor specialising in photography and visual art and has a track record of over 15 years writing and editing for numerous national and international publications and organisations, online and in print.

Miranda has a Master of Research (MRes) in Humanities and Cultural Studies; a First Response Emergency Contact (FREC) 3 certificate; and has completed volunteer training for a disability-led arts charity, Carousel, and a charity providing 1:1 English language teaching for refugees. As part of these roles, she completed safeguarding, and diversity and inclusion training.

Miranda’s role is Nature Art Therapist and is a valuable asset to support vulnerable children and adults, anyone with English as a foreign language as well as those who may be non verbal.

She facilitates audio and visual arts to participants to closer examine our natural surroundings. She also works with Karen Hart with managing the Website, Social media and promotional material design and distribution.


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Please take a look at our FAQ's section for all details on the walks, accessibility and support that Wild With Wheels offers.

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