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Fort Burgoyne, Dover

Fort Burgoyne, Dover

Fort Burgoyne  

Connaught Barracks Entrance, Fort Burgoyne Road, Guston, Dover, Kent, CT15 5LP

What 3 words: guard.suffice.broken 

Grid Reference: TR322423

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Independence rating #1 Green Independence ratings    

This route has a smooth flat path with the option for some uneven surfaces and slopes for the more adventurous. There are lots of regular seating opportunities. If seating is required then please bring rollator with incorporated seating or walking stick with seat. We can provide these on a first come first served basis.

Independence rating #3 Red Independence ratings

If the group venture to high ground then there is a steep slope along the gun ramp up and back down again.

Mobility / Sensory Accessibility 

  • Portable Seating required if participating in accessible walks, but not always necessary as plenty of low and higher level seating provide rest spots.  
  • Quiet location, Tour guide listening devices available. Bring own noise cancelling headphones to block background noise if required.  
  • Loop Hearing devices also available for use with hearing aids.  
  • Audio Description / Magnifying Glasses available for visual impairments.

Parking / Transport Access 

  • Park available on site.
  • Nearest railway - Dover Priory Station.
  • Nearest Bus stop Burgoyne Heights No's 80, 80A, 80B 81.

Highlights of Location 

  • Scheduled Monument, lots of historical interest. Victorian Building to protect Dover Castle.
  • Chalk Grassland, Lawn areas, wide smooth surface paths, landscaping, wild flower areas, wooded areas and historical buildings provide lots of shade and shelter.  
  • Interesting Wildlife, Flora and Historical and Geological Interest.  
  • Close to Dover Castle and Town centre/ amenities.
  • Disabled Toilets will be available on site shortly. 


We are delighted to collaborate with The Land Trust who have given Wild with Wheels Exclusive Access to our Disabled Particpants.

Access is through locked gate at Connaught Barracks on Dover Road, so please wait at entrance to be let through and register.


Please take a look at our FAQ's section for all details on the walks, accessibility and support that Wild With Wheels offers.

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Please take a look at our FAQ's section for all details on the walks, accessibility and support that Wild With Wheels offers.

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