Big Butterfly Count at Great Farthingloe Farm

Big Butterfly Count at Great Farthingloe Farm

Wild with Wheels joined in the 2022 Big Butterfly Count

Butterfly Conservation's Butterflycount is an annual event to measure the health of our environment. We visited Great Farthingloe Farm, next to the North Downs Way near Dover and Samphire Hoe.

We counted -

  • 15 Gatekeepers 
  • 13 Speckled Wood 
  • 2 Marbled Whites  
  • 2 Large Whites 
  • 2 Small Whites 
  • as well as 2 as yet unidentified small ones - and we think one was a day time moth.

We began with a stroll to the field

To appreciatethe song of the skylark, we lay down on our blankets, and closed our eyes to 'bathe' in the meadow.

We felt the wind on our skin, listened to insect life and bird song, trying to shut out the manmade noises of road and air traffic. We really connected to the landscape and relaxed deeply, becoming aware of our own connections within the landscape.  

Opening our eyes again, we realised just how much wildlife there is, busy all aroud us, that we usually miss. When we use our sight, we focus only on what we can see.

Using the Big Butterfly Count information and our own resources, we learned lots about the different species of butterflies and moths. This helped knowing which we could try to identify when we didthe count.

When we were chrysalises - how would you transform?

We imagined which creatures we would turn into if we could change form in our own chrysallis. There were profound responses, which provoked the imagination.

After our Big Count, we all created nature butterflies with leaves, twigs, flowers and buds collected on the walk.

This was our last walk until the autumn - but do contact us if you'd like us to organise something for you in the meantime.

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