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Deaf Blind Awareness Week Experience

Deaf Blind Awareness Week Experience

We tried to imagine life with restricted sight and hearing for #DeafblindAwarenessWeek 

The charity Sense hold this awareness week each year on around the birthday of Helen Keller. 

What is deafblindness?

Deafblindness is having both sight and hearing loss that affect your everyday life. This year’s theme is “in the know”. How much do you know about deafblindness?

Wild with Wheels founder Gini Mitchell writes:

"We were blessed with a dry morning - avoiding the 'Wimbledon showers' common at this time of year.

One walk supporter asked if any of the group about the different types of cane and dog harness used by blind and deafblind people. The deafblind livery is red and white striped. We all agreed that it was useful to know this. 

Then we explored our senses of touch and sense of smell. One of the group focused on touch as he has life long anosmia - the inability to smell anything.

We played sensory bingo and explored plants with a variety of textures, aromas and uses.

Scents of roast beef and bleach

As individuals, we each had our own preferences. Some liked the Stinking Iris, also known as the Roast Beef Plant. Others noticed a hint of bleach in Sweet Chestnut flowers - which also have soap-like properties. 

We all took part in creating a collaborative and interactive sensory based story using herbs and flowers for themes.

We learnt about the ZigZag Path we were on - originally built for bath chairs. We also talked about the Road of Remembrance next to us, thinking about the millions of soldiers in the First World War who marched down its steep slope to board ships for Europe and the Front. It is lined with rosemary for remembrance, with its glorious scent. 

Next time ... Shorne Woods Country Park

This will be our last session in Folkestone's Coastal Park for the summer as we will be exploring Shorne Woods Country Park - where there is a Changing Places toilet - on Thursday 7 July.

Are you thinking of joining us? We will meet at 10:30." @deafblindawareness



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