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Fort Burgoyne, Autumn Nature Craft with Touchbase Care

Fort Burgoyne, Autumn Nature Craft with Touchbase Care

It was a joy to welcome members and volunteers from the incredible community group Touchbase Care to Fort Burgoyne. 

As the rain fell on 15 November 2022, we couldn't go on the nature walk we had planned at the historic site. So we brought nature indoors to touch, smell, look at, listen to - and make some fabulous creative pieces.

A group of men and women, disabled and neurodivergent, enjoyed an impressive selection of biscuits and hot drinks while staying warm and dry, 

Nature table

We'd chosen a range of items, offering the opportunity to connect to the landscape, plants and trees, to set up a nature table. 

A sensory feast included aromatic woody rosemary and sage for their scents, prickly sweet chestnut cases, lichen-covered branches and pine cones to touch, and seeds, seed heads, and dried leaves for their crackling sounds.

Nature Crafting

Most of the Touchbase members also chose pine cones, sticks, leaves and berries for nature crafting.

Our Nature Arts Facilitator Miranda Gavin, pictured right, brought endless ideas to the participants and encouraged a variety of creative techniques.

These included pressing chalk-dusted pine cones to black card to make a sparkling firework display, using chalk from the local landscape. Several people made decorative hanging mobiles with sticks, brightly coloured yarn or twine, and pine cones. The mobile featured in the photo included a chocolate biscuit! 

As well as festive craft festive decorations, others chose to draw or make animals from pine cones, such as a cute hedgehog with a red berry nose. Another turned a gun-shaped stick into a friendly creature - appropriate considering Fort Burgoyne's military history and its current role to support wildlife. Our support workers had great fun helping with each individual project. People who did not feel comfortable with the activities enjoyed having the large new space to explore.

It was lovely to hear so many people say they enjoyed themselves and wanted to come again. We're looking forward to their next visit and hope to be able to show them around this historic monument.

Thanks again to the Land Trust and the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership for supporting wider access to nature, and providing access to such an amazing location.

📸 🎥 image credits @karenjkhart, @mobilityinthewild, and Laura. The large image shows Miranda holding up a mobile and smiling. The room features high ceilings, alcoves, and original paintwork. Two men sit at a table behind her; a member and volunteer concentrating on their artwork.

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