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Ice, sea glass, hearts & fossils - the Warren

Ice, sea glass, hearts & fossils - the Warren

The bright January sun shone to melt the frost and ice away. 

It felt warm at the Warren in Folkestone, even though the temperature was a wintry 1°c.

We felt the vitamin 'sea' from the Channel while we soaked up vitamin D from the sun. 

The fresh tangy coastal air, the clear blue sky, and the sound of waves crashing against the groynes and sea wall - these engage our senses and offer us so many health benefits.

Views are spectacular in every direction - and on days like today, it feels like we could be in the Caribbean!

The Warren is truly one of Kent's best beaches for us now we have access, thanks to access granted to us by Network Rail

We were out to search for interesting beach objects. We'll use these for future Wild with Wheels adventures at the Warren - bringing nature close to people otherwise unable to access her wonders.

Our finds will also feature on our nature table at Fort Burgoyne.

Bright sea glass and glinting ice fragments were hard to distinguish with glittering sun reflecting on the beach and concrete sea wall.

Support Walker Laura found stone hearts and transparent stones among the pebbles and flotsam. And Walk Leader Gini Mitchell found her first ever fossil, and squealed with delight! We found fossil hunting is quite addictive - once you find one! 

Another fossil hunter on the beach told us of her joy every time she visits, even though she already has handfuls of ammonites and other fossils. She kindly showed us some of her extensive collection.

Yet another beachcomber shared his finds and told us how disability makes him he struggle to get to the beach to walk his dog - so we encouraged him to invest in a mobility scooter, and join us on our wheeled adventures in the Warren.

As well as her beauty, we saw the force of nature with a deep hole in the ground, underneath the concrete slabs on the sea wall. But the area was safely cordoned off as this area is regularly inspected and repairs carried out on the concrete.

Accessibility onto the beach itself isn't great for ambulatory wheelchair users - but with determination, it is possible for a short distance. Even knowing I'll endure some after effects from this strenuous for me activity - the rewards are great.

Would you like to join us on one of not-to-be-missed Warren adventures?

Thanks as ever to Network Rail and WCCP. 

Funding provided through Farming In Protected Landscapes programme from Defra and AONB - the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Image credits 📸 @laurasmile_999 @mobility_in_the_wild


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