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Insect Week Bug Hunt

Insect Week Bug Hunt

Wild with Wheels celebrated #InsectWeek with a fabulous session on Thursday 23 June. We explored habitats, spotted insects, and examined invertebrates and tiny creatures.

One participant said: 'We had an absolutely fantastic time, so glad we came along, little one can't stop talking about what she found and new friends.'

The importance of insects 

Group leader Gini Mitchell writes:

"Our mixed group of older adults, children, wheeled users and people with difficulty accessing natural spaces learned about insects as pollinators. I explained how insects are soil makers, part of the food chain, and life that would remain on earth when we humans no longer exist

We searched the leaf litter, flower beds and wildlife meadow to see what creatures we could find. Our bug pots contained millipedes, centipedes, beetles, woodlice, ants, red mite, grubs, ants and a worm. Support walkers helped to return these carefully to the places they were found after a short time in their pots.

We also spotted a bright green froghopper, lots of butterflies, hoverflies, flies, beetles, and spider webs. The giant Echium plant was buzzing with different types of bees. It's a great size and perfectly placed for easy for our wheeled users to sit and observe.

A fabulous find

One young participant discovered an ants' nest. Yet the most amazing and rare discovery was a freshly hatching baby slow worm . With some remains of its sticky substance / birth sac, as slow worms give birth to live babies and don't actually lay eggs. We were blessed to see this 🙏🏼

We looked through identification books, and magnified our view to detail this tiny world, otherwise so easily missed when walking through the Lower Leas Coastal Park in Folkestone.  

We also looked at life cycles and how creatures metamorphosise.

This led to using Franz Kafkas's novel Metamorphosis, about Gregor Samsa, man who wakes to find he has turned into a giant insect, as the basis to share our own story ideas. We had a amusing story with intergenerational contributions and a lot of laughter.  

The two-hour session was a lovely and memorable experience for all."

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