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Introducing Free Forest Bathing Taster sessions

Introducing Free Forest Bathing Taster sessions

Introducing Accessible Forest Bathing “Taster” Sessions July 2023

Thursday 6th July 10-12pm or

Thursday 20th July 5-7pm

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing means spending time outdoors in nature drawing upon the value of, and being in, nature to improve wellbeing. It is not bathing in the swimming sense but rather immersing yourself in nature and the natural world. 

Forest bathing originated in the 1980s in Japan, and in that setting it is called “Shinrin Yoku”. It has grown in popularity and spread across the world. A growing amount of research supports Forest Bathing and the benefits it can offer to wellbeing. 

Benefits including physical and psychological benefits such as reducing blood pressure and relieving stress. It can also help us to reconnect to our environment and raise awareness of the importance of taking care of Nature as a precious gift for all.

Who is Diarmuid?

Diarmuid Denneny is a certified Forest Bathing practitioner and is currently training to become a Forest Therapist with Nádúr. He is a HCPC registered Physiotherapist. He has specialised in chronic pain management for nearly 20 years and has worked with people who live with pain both in the NHS and in voluntary roles (see Footsteps Festival). He trained as a mindfulness teacher at Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and is also an EMCC accredited coach.

What can I expect on this session?

The session will last for up to 2 hours and is outside so please wear clothing suitable for the great British weather!

Sessions include a slow and gentle journey in the Lower Leas Coastal Park and will be paced and use accessible paths.

You will be invited to slow down and connect with the natural environment taking regular breaks.

There will be “activities” that relate to noticing aspects of nature and the park (rather than formal meditation) and then sharing back to the group what you noticed (or listen to others sharing if you prefer not to share).

The activities can include sitting (and can be done in standing or lying down if you prefer) so please bring any equipment you need to support you.

Activities will be adapted depending on the needs of the group to ensure everyone is able to take part.

We will finish by having a hot drink together in a circle (Diarmuid will provide this). Please feel free to bring along any snacks if you would like to for the duration of the session.

What benefits can I expect from forest bathing?

This session may help to reduce stress, improve mood, reduce anxiety, enhance wellbeing, and enhance social connections through the group format.

When & where is this course?

Dates: Thurs. July 6th (10am) and Thurs. July 20th (5pm). 

At: Lower Leas Coastal Park (Postcode: CT20 2JP).

We will meet at the lift café, near the car park (pay to park & Ringo).

There are toilet facilities there, and also more toilets at the other end of the park (near mermaid café).


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Please take a look at our FAQ's section for all details on the walks, accessibility and support that Wild With Wheels offers.

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