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Sunday Funday at Fort Burgoyne

Sunday Funday at Fort Burgoyne

Location: Fort Burgoyne

Date: 13th August 2023

Blog Written by: Gini (Founder)

It was a windy day at Fort Burgoyne, which began with a few small droplets of rain. The sun came out, but after most stall holders had given up with their gazebos.

Wild with Wheels were half in, half out of a casemate. We kept the nature table indoors, to stop the display from being blown about. All items were sourced from on site or within the Kent Downs AONB. We offered a selection of seasonal and sensory connections for smell, touch, sound and sight.

We also brought out the nature craft table which soon became a magnet for adults and younger ones to create nature magic wands and pinecone hedgehogs. As well as bringing out our table of info and flyers.

The hedgehog theme ran through the fun day, as there were stories being told and also the Kent Mammal Group showed an unalive hedgehog along with their amazing array of mammal skulls and nests.

Wands also became swords and bows and arrows. They were adorned with feathers, lavender, rosemary, and wrapped with twine and yarn. It was lovely to see the creations being waved around the parade ground.

We loved the bug hunt, with so many delightful creatures on the list which had been discovered on site in the rewilded area. From grasshoppers and spiders to moths, beetles, caterpillars and bees.

A colourful Jersey Tiger Moth landed on my hi viz at one point but a big gust of wind blew it off, with a flash of bright orange underwing.

Fort Burgoyne isn't only an historic military monument, but also a diverse wildlife haven, managed by rangers and volunteers with White Cliffs Countryside Partnership

We are already looking forward to our late autumn and winter nature sessions twice a month in the Officers Mess, with Natural Pathways Bushcraft

📸 Image credits: Gini & Laura


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