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The Warren Adventure

The Warren Adventure

It's taken two years of campaigning - but we've finally opened up opportunities for local people with physical disabilities to have access to The Warren in Folkestone

Going through the newly unlocked gate was a significant moment of achievement. Our team celebrated with a cheer! Thanks to our friend Ranger Nathan from the White Cliffs Countryside Project for his key action. 

Our group of wheeled participants, men and women, younger and older, embarked on an adventure together to explore the most accessible areas.

One person had been waiting 20 years visit here again; others waited up to eight years to venture down to see their local beauty spot.   

Walkers and passers-by all commented on how they enjoyed seeing seeing the Accessible Nature Experience taking place.

We journeyed carefully along the route, stopping to learn snippets about this Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and to connect with the land scape, as well as navigating over uneven and bumpy terrain.

We all admired the fabulous views - especially that first, wonderful view of the sea. 

Some took photos of views they had longed to capture, others enjoyed nibbling ripe blackberries and others soaked up the atmosphere and sunlight.

We looked at some of the wild flowers that grow in the Warren and found evidence of the rabbits that give it its name. Stopping to hear about the Warren's history, we also had a reading from Russell Hoban's post-apocalyptic novel based in Kent, Riddley Walker

In the novel, Folkestone has become Fork Stoan and the Warren is The Warnings. A recommended read!

The group all reached the beach, even though some wheeled equipment is better suited than others. Some needed a gentle push by our Support Walkers.

Norman, one of our regular participants, commented the next day: "We are still smiling today. Memories."

With thanks to the landowners Network Rail. 

Our Wheeled Warren Adventures will take place monthly.

See for details of dates and times.


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