Transformations in Nature on the Heritage Coast

Transformations in Nature on the Heritage Coast

We shared a pleasant morning as a group at Great Farthingloe Farm.

The focus was to reflect on the connection between transformations, life and death within our personal lives and within nature.

With @mobility_in_the_wild, we began by sitting in a log circle above the chalk grasslands of Kent's #heritagecoast. We connected to the landscape by understanding that we were atop an ancient world which is formed by chalk, flint which was originally under the sea on the #GeoPark connecting France to UK.

We took a few moments to explore our own feelings which may have been unburied or triggered over recent times.

We learned about the cycle of life and the importance of death of plants and wildlife, which ultimately regenerates new life. This led to exploring how plants grow and disperse their seeds.

Fellow @northdownswaynt

Ambassador Michael shared his knowledge of Hawthorns.

We examined the different ways that seeds disperse and then took time to explore the landscape to identify these along the the route. We also found various animal.droppings which had been devouring blackberries and grass seeds (fox and rabbits).

We found a Devils Coach Beetle and spiders and ladybirds too which we examined more closely in our bug viewer.

@karenjoykhart shared ancient stories where seeds and regrowth played a key part. The group interacted together to tell a tale of knights, castles, spiders and ladybirds.

A most enjoyable and uplifting time spent overlooking France, the Channel with glimpses of Dover Castle and historic military remains on the landscape. 

Spending quality time in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is definitely nutritious for the mind and soul. 🙏🏼

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