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Walking in the rain at Lower Leas Coastal Park

Walking in the rain at Lower Leas Coastal Park

Location: Lower Leas Coastal Park 

Date: Thursday 29th June 2023

Blog Written by: Michael (Walk Leader)

Walking in the rain:

In November of 1964, The Ronettes released a sweet little love song called Walking in the Rain and today a small number of gathered and walked and wheeled through the beautiful Lower Leas Coastal Park.

You can find this song here 

We virtually had the park to ourselves today apart from the occasional dog walker and their very cute dogs seeking our attention, but as per usual, we always oblige when our furry friends introduce themselves to us.

It rained a lot but there was something very special about today, a beautiful ambience, and as we stood sheltered under trees for part of our walk, the sound of the raindrops provided a calming acoustic harmony to a quiz that we completed together.

The first part of the quiz was taking turns in naming a tree, one for each letter of the alphabet. We did well and with a little bit of artistic licence we nearly managed it, x and z proving challenging. We welcome receipt of you’re a-z of trees.

We then went on to naming a song with a colour in the title, perhaps this was a little easier but the highlight of this was being able to watch a much loved but perhaps now an inappropriate song from 1968 called “Lily the Pink”, written and sang by the band Scaffold, a song about curing all kinds of ailments with a “medicinal compound” Sadly or perhaps wisely we will never know its healing properties.

So, remember it is raining, we are under a tree, but that didn’t stop us watching the scaffold video, or singing along, with the Chorus; in that moment we were singing in the rain, and I would not have been surprised if out of the mist stepped Gene Kelly.

They don’t make songs like this anymore, and there is probably a very good reason but here it is:

The rain was now easing up, so we walked on a little more, admiring the rain splattered leaves and plants, some looking a little bedraggled, but still getting the attention of passing bees and insects.

Today the setting was magical and mystical and as we stopped for our mindful minutes to smell the air and to listen to the waves, the raindrops and the beautiful sounds of nearby songbirds, a ghostly image emerging from the sea mist appeared, a beautiful yacht, seemingly floating past.

We get a lot of rain in Britain and as today proved, most of us prefer to stay inside, but did you know there is a very good reason we should go out when it’s raining.

Here are some of the reasons to do so:

  • For those who crave peace and quiet, when it’s raining there are typically less people around, there is less noise and chatter, and that means it’s a lot easier to relax, to be mindful and to lessen our stresses much more quickly.
  • The air is scientifically proven to be cleaner and fresher: A recent study published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics showed that the air is truly cleaner during and after heavy rainfall. The reason is that as raindrops fall through the atmosphere, they can attract hundreds of particles of pollutants like dander, soot, sulphates and bacteria before hitting the ground, and proof that invigorating breaths of rainy air are better!
  • Being out in the rain helps to speed up our metabolism and has a positive effect on our physical and mental health.
  • The smell of rain has a calming effect: The word “Petrichor”, which was first used by two Australian scientists in the 1960s means the calming scent or smell of rain and is caused by a mixture of chemicals released by soil-dwelling bacteria, oils released from plants during dry spells and ozone that is created when lightning splits oxygen and nitrogen molecules that then turn into nitric oxide.
  • The humidity often caused by rain is good for our skin and health: High levels of humidity in the air help keep our skin fresh, young and supple. And some researchers believe that when humidity levels are 43% and higher which they regularly are in the UK, nearly 3/4 of airborne virus particles are left powerless.
  • Being out in the rain can help with acceptance: Rain often makes a person feel powerless, however going out when it is raining on a regular basis can help train our mind to give up control and go about life, no matter what the weather or anything else life throws our way in a much more positive mindset. Additionally, the temporary nature of rain can help us deal with personal loss and bad moments. Just like with a rain shower, everything has its moment and will eventually pass.
  • Going out in in rainy weather burns more calories: Japanese researchers published an article in the International Journal of Sports Medicine that proved when a person does physical activity in cold or rainy weather, he or she burns more calories and fat than doing the same activity in moderate weather.
  • When going out in the rain, it will help us see things with a different perspective: Whether it’s the darker skies, the gloomy mood, or the reflection of streetlights in puddles, almost everything looks different on rainy days. This can help some people to view their life problems, challenges and other daily aspects in a different light.
  • And finally, I love this one, it feels rebellious: Sometimes it’s good to just want to break the rules, and being out in the rain is a safe and healthy way to do so.

I think this sums up very well the feeling of our time together on this morning, we did it, we enjoyed it, whether sheltered under a tree or in the caves of the zig zag path.

To find out lots more information about rain, look at this website:

And for children and the children at heart

The rain when we are dressed appropriately for it on days like today is just as healing as any other day.

Next time it’s raining, become friends with it, sing in it, dance in it, wheel in it (and yes, I do see it, strictly come wheeling anybody, nothing is impossible). Engaging with and embracing the rain will bring about a whole new world of sensations, enjoyment and feelings so what are you waiting for, you can be assured in this country it will passing our way soon.

And to finish this video always brings a smile to myself.


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