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Bringing the 'outdoors inside' at Fort Burgoyne

Bringing the 'outdoors inside' at Fort Burgoyne

Founder Gini Mitchell writes - Days are getting wetter and cooler as we head into winter, and it's not much fun shivering in a damp wheelchair.

So we at Wild with Wheels have the answer.

One of our favourite locations, Fort Burgoyne, offers shelter from the worst of the English elements, while still connecting with the natural surroundings.

We met on one of the wettest days of the year so far at Fort Burgoyne, and took shelter in one of the old barracks. The Land Trust offers this space for meetings - and even weddings. Read about Vic and Emma's ceremony, with some fantastic photos.  

Autumn activities

Our support walkers had already gathered an autumnal of fallen twigs, sticks, leaves and pine cones which had blown down in strong winds from the trees surrounding the Fort. We learned about how the room would have been used by the military since Victorian days.

Our Nature Arts Facilitator Miranda Gavin then encouraged each member of our group to pick a leaf and study its outline. Then each Wilder took a pencil and drew the lines on to paper with their non-dominant hand. We wanted to challenge the mindset of 'I can't draw' and studied the leaves' lines, shades, and shadows.

Stress relievers

For our focus during National Stress Awareness Week, we each choose three twigs and a ball of yarn. Everyone in the group wove a decorative twig star to hang up. It was a great stress buster as a weaving motion has a calming and relaxing effect.

We hung up our creations and took time to appreciate our individual styles. Some looked like a spider's web, others were more of a dream catcher. One used traditional autumnal colours and matched her woolly jumper. Others were bright - with a purple theme matching a jacket - and three dimensional.

Water, water everywhere

When we had tidied up, we were shocked to discover the heavy rain had flooded the space between the kerb and our vehicles - there were a few wet feet getting into cars.

All Wilders were thankful that we didn't endure the rain outside that day - and we're looking forward to more activities at Fort Burgoyne over the winter months. 

We are also grateful for the hospitality from the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership - especially hot drinks on a wet day.

📸 Image credit: Laura V.


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