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Skylarks & kestrel - Great Farthingloe Farm

Skylarks & kestrel - Great Farthingloe Farm

27 April 2023 - Bright late spring spells brought patches of blue skies to today's scoot along the cycle trail by the North Downs Way above Samphire Hoe

Samphire Hoe was created at the time of the Channel Tunnel construction. Find on more on the link above.

It's been a while since Wild with Wheels have visited Great Farthingloe Farm. 

We weren't disappointed - the skylarks and stonechats were out in force. It's so lovely to see and hear them in the fields.

Read about our last visit to Great Farthingloe Farm. You can find out more about the Farm's 48 acres of private estate, including its 16th Century thatched barn. 

On our wheeled walk we met a local walking group, as well as cyclists. As ever, this reminded us that - 

Wheelers should have equal access to these special green spaces, so people with limited mobility can enjoy connecting to the countryside as much as a non disabled person.

The unkempt vegetation has been growing at a rapid rate, yet we managed to squeeze through. We were blessed with bright colours of spring, the strong myrrh scent of Alexanders, and the delicious coconut aroma of gorse.  

We trundled past the blackthorn blossom and peered at tiny alpine flowers. And we spied a rodent
-probably a field mouse - and, at the other end of the mammal scale, a bull with his cows in their field. 

And a lone kestrel put on a wonderful show of hovering and diving.

We found ♿️ inaccessible kissing gates leading to wide green spaces, cliff tops, and the footpath of the North Downs Way. Our wistful Wheelers wheelers yearned to explore the view in the distance.


To walk abroad is, not with eyes,
But thoughts, the fields to see and prize

Thomas Traherne, 1637 - 74

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